World War 1 and 2.

Be drafted to the frontline or evacuated to the countryside.

A war is sweeping across the planet and something needs to be done. You can either pick up a rifle and learn to fight, or stay behind to protect our country and  adapt to this new lifestyle in the countryside. You will have to follow orders and learn to become independent in the face of war.



Wait anxiously in the trenches or be evacuated to the countryside. Either way, prepare to adapt to a new environment.


Learn military manoeuvres and the reasons for this atrocious war. Document your experience in letters and learn to work as a team.


Devise a battle plan with your fellow commanders. Use the infantry, cavalry and artillery at your disposal to bring this war to an end.

It was really effective to see them working as teams. There was a lovely balance of physical and mental activities which built towards a really fun and memorable experience.

Miss Huntley

Y6 Teacher, Baslow St Anne's