The Vikings.

The Vikings have landed and are ready to battle anybody who gets in their way.

Bjorn the Great is preparing an army. He has visited your land because he think it will make an excellent base and he’s ready to recruit some more vicious warriors to join his clan. You have a decision to make, will you join the Viking army or remain true to your Norman roots?


Bjorn has decided to set up his new base in your school hall. It is full of authentic weapons, tools and sometimes even food to help your class experience the Viking way of life.


Feel the weight of a Viking axe and practice the techniques used to make a Viking shield to feel confident facing a foe on the battlefield.


Now you know how to fight, demonstrate your new skills in a challenge set by your new Viking leader. Prove you are worthy of joining his powerful Viking army.

Bjorn was a roaring success! We had a great day and the children were really disappointed that you were not still in the cupboard on Wednesday! All three sessions were enjoyed by the children with the burning of the boats taking prime position.
Ms Menevse

Y5 Teacher, Beardall Primary School