The Ancient Agyptians.

Transported back to a time where status and power is a matter of life and death.

Bow down to the pharaoh as your class take on their new roles as slaves. Loyalty and hard-work will be rewarded with gold. Disobedience will lead to an involuntary swimming lesson in the Nile. Will you help Tutankhamun prepare for an upcoming burial?



Tutankhamun invites you to his glorious palace to serve faithfully as his new slaves.


Learn about the culture of Ancient Egypt and the various customs and laws you will have to abide by.


Prepare a body for an Ancient Egyptian burial. Pay your respects to this much loved individual.

Wow. What a start to the term. The day included a bit of everything: crafts, games, activities, and the burial at the end of the day had them all transfixed. This introduction has been a great help for the rest of the term and your ideas were excellent.

Miss Grant

Y3/4 Teacher, Baslow St Anne's Primary School