Local Heritage.

Blue Kazoo in America

In 2020, Tom was awarded the Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship to visit the East Coast of the USA to visit schools, museums and heritage sites to develop a bespoke character workshop in local primary schools. The scholarship was funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and focuses on the separatist movement which began in Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.


Heritage has been a new challenge for Blue Kazoo. It’s proven to be an excellent topic in many local primary schools this past week. It’s a great way to turn history into something relevant and (literally) close to home for children. The ‘Lord Byron’ week in particular has combined history with english and geography and created a real buzz in the local community.

Tom Cable

Creative Producer, Blue Kazoo

Lord Byron

In 2019, with the support of Nottinghamshire County Council, we created our first bespoke heritage project in our hometown of Hucknall. The week saw Lord Byron visit lots of new schools and introduce himself to over 275 children.

The week consisted of lots of bizarre stories from Byron’s life and included a New Romantic art lesson and a lesson in creative writing and poetry.

Local MP Mark Spencer praised the idea, saying: “This is such a positive scheme in Hucknall. I think it’s so important that children learn about their local history and heritage, taking these workshops directly to schools is a great way of doing that.”

“I want to say a huge well done to Tom at Blue Kazoo, and to Councillor Phil Rostance who I know has been instrumental in getting the scheme rolled out to school children in Hucknall.”


Robin Hood in Spain

We have also started to partner with schools further afield. One of our favourite characters, Robin Hood, has starred in a series of videos that have been played in a primary school in Spain.

The videos were played through a smart board to a very excited group of Spanish children, many of whom are still learning English as an additional language.