Preparations are underway to make 2020 even bigger and better. A new range of props and costumes are being introduced as part of our ‘School Takeover’ series.

This will launch with our Robin Hood’s Medieval England programme which was trailed in Sherwood Forest earlier this year. The idea is that the whole school can get involved in this special one-off event designed to spark curiosity and engage children in history, English and science.

The new trebuchet model is a great example of the work we will be producing. It was an invention that revolutionised medieval warfare and is a great way of demonstrating basic physics in a fun and accessible way. This will also be linked to our new castle destruction game which we will be leading in school halls and playgrounds in the upcoming year.

Talks are ongoing about what the next topic will be, but it will most likely either be Vikings or Egyptians.

To see the trebuchet in action, we have made this short video for our YouTube channel: