Viking Settlement. 


Bjorn demonstrates the skills needed to defend yourself against a Viking attack using authentic Scandinavian weapons and fighting techniques.

Prepare yourself. The Vikings have landed.

Britain is under attack. Fearsome Viking warriors have declared war against the small and isolated island. Discover the Viking way of life and immerse yourself in their culture to join Bjorn the Great and his army of vicious fighters. They have sailed many miles over treacherous seas to claim your school as their new settlement site. Will your class be ready to fight?


Bjorn has decided to set up his new base in your school hall. It is full of authentic weapons, tools and sometimes even food to help your class experience the Viking way of life.


Feel the weight of a Viking axe and practice the techniques used to make a Viking shield to feel confident facing a foe on the battlefield.


Now you know how to fight, demonstrate your new skills in a challenge set by your new Viking leader. Prove you are worthy of joining his powerful Viking army.

Authentic props and resources make this one of the most hands-on and practical packages we deliver in primary schools. Trained performer-teachers will be on hand to make these days a success and deliver some incredible cross-curricular and practical learning which they can continue throughout the term.

Every child will be given the chance to experience life as a Viking whilst developing leadership and communication skills as they work in teams to solve problems.