School Takeover. 

 – New for 2020 –


This is like a Live Encounter, but for the whole school.

Two characters set up camp in the school playground. It could be Bjorn’s new Viking settlement or even Robin Hood’s hideout. Each class can come and spend as much time as they like listening to stories and gaining a hands-on understanding of their particular way of life. Expect gory stories and interactive demonstrations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Do you dare invite a character into your school?

Authentic props and costumes are used to help children immerse themselves in a specific period of history and optimise their time in the classroom.

1. Each class visits the authentic themed tent filled with lots of exciting props and games to spark creative learning.

2. Children are encouraged to ask questions about the characters and their way of life.

3. Children are given the opportunity to demonstrate practical skills they have learned throughout the day.