Your class is transported to Cairo, Egypt. The finishing touches are just being made to the first pyramid. The Pharaohs are certain that they know exactly how to please the Gods and have created sacred rituals to ensure their safe passage into the afterlife. Explore the lives of Egyptian slaves and rulers in this gruesome part of history.
Pharaoh Tutankhamun wants to know why your class has stopped working. His pyramid needs to be finished this week and there’s still a lot more work to do.

This day of exploration can include:

Pyramid Maths Challenge

Preparing a human body

‘Face the Pharaoh’

Team Pyramid Geography Lesson

Physical Endurance Pyramid Build

Hieroglyph Spelling Test

Mummification Game

These lead up to our big event. Use the knowledge from the day to build a tomb within the pyramid for Tutankhamun himself. It must be good enough to appease the most critical judges: Anubis and Osiris.

The Ancient Egyptians have always been a popular topic in primary schools. It covers a fascinating and important part of human history and allows us to explore many different aspects of ancient history. Religion, sacrifice and slavery are all covered in this programme in an exciting way that will excite your class for the whole term.

Building the tomb of Tutankhamun encourages the children to work together and use their knowledge to build an impressive monument. They are then encouraged to pitch their design to the Pharaoh allowing them to demonstrate persuasive language skills, 3D shape manipulation and of course, their newfound knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.

Wow. What a start to the term. The day included a bit of everything: crafts, games, activities, and the burial at the end of the day had them all transfixed. This introduction has been a great help for the rest of the term and your ideas were excellent.

Miss Grant

Y3/4 Teacher, Baslow St Anne's Primary School