Private Francis.
The sirens are blaring and it is not safe to stay. It’s dark and cold in the shelter and you don’t know how long you will be in there for. The city is no longer safe so you are being evacuated to the countryside. A soldier is stationed nearby your school and gives advice and help to anyone who wants to know more about this terrifying war.

Private Francis arrives in your classroom to help with the evacuation. The children need to be ready for what they’re about to experience and know the details about what is happening across the world. He is willing to prepare those of the class who want to find refuge in the British countryside and those who want to fight for King and country.

This is a wholly interactive day of learning which can include:

Soldier endurance drills

Salutes and Etiquette

Military Manoeuvres

‘Evacuate to the Country’ geography workshop

‘Tanks and Tactics’

Radio Communication Game

These lead up to our big event. The school is under attack. Create a battle plan using tanks, airplanes and soldiers to defend your land in an exciting game that tests communication and teamwork.

World War II is a huge topic and a crucial part of Britain’s recent history. This programme covers two main themes: evacuees and soldiers. The evacuees are expected to learn about the differences between rural and urban life and the soldiers should be prepared to go through rigorous tests and drills.

The final battle plan is a huge group event which prompts the children to act quickly and intelligently as a team. It allows you as a teacher to identify areas of interest and spark their imaginations for the whole term.

I am absolutely exhausted, but in a good way! I didn’t think the day would be as physical as it was, but it was such a great idea to combine the learning with lots of fun games and physical activities in the playground. Loved it.

Mrs Kingston

Y6 Teacher, All Saints CofE Primary School