Bjorn the Great.

Your classroom is being invaded from the North-East. Prepare your class for battle by learning about the Viking way of life. Forge weapons, grow out your beard and get ready to set sail to Scandinavia to learn all about these aggressive warriors.

Bjorn the Viking has stumbled into your classroom and wants to prepare an army to take back to his homeland.

This day of exploration can include:

Weaponry Workshop

Ship Building Challenge

Discover your Viking Roots

Traditional Viking Dance Lesson

Combat Workshop

‘Ask a Viking’

Sailing the Seven Seas Geography Game 

These lead up to our big event. Take your class outside to perform a Viking burial – expect fire and water!

The Vikings are considered to be some of the most soldiers to have ever walked the Earth. Conquering lands and sailing the seas were a part of everyday life. However, there is a lot more to be discovered about these people and their way of life. The Vikings are incredibly good at teaching children and young people about geography, history, english and many other subjects in creative and exciting ways.

Despite the bloodlust and aggression of the Vikings, it is important to remember the incredibly respectful and spiritual way that they contemplated death. A Viking burial is a somewhat unexpected way to consolidate the learning of the day in a unique and fascinating ceremony.

Bjorn was a roaring success! We had a great day and the children were really disappointed that you were not still in the cupboard on Wednesday! All three sessions were enjoyed by the children with the burning of the boats taking prime position.

Ms Menevse

Y5 Teacher, Beardall Primary School