Our Story.

Exploring humanity through history.

It began as a project to help those pupils and teachers who wanted to flex their creative muscles in the classroom. It has very quickly become an award-winning service creating hundreds of memorable moments in primary schools across the UK.

"People relate to other people. This is why our Live Encounter days became so popular amongst children in primary school: they are given the chance to engage in a new topic by meeting a character from that world. You can feel the excitement in the room. The children actively want to discover more."

– Tom Cable (Creative Producer)

As children, we spent roughly 635 hours in the classroom every year.

As adults, we remember less than 1% of that.

We support teachers by offering world-class experiences and resources to help make every hour unforgettable.

We have found a growing issue in primary schools around teachers spending too much time planning their lessons with very little in return. We believe there should be more practical support for teachers and pupils throughout the UK. We also believe that children should feel happy and comfortable in school and be excited about the next day of learning.

Your class could form the defence at the trial of Robin Hood, design some pottery in Ancient Rome or even pay their respects at a Viking burial. Each moment is coordinated to be influenced by your class, develop interpersonal and creative skills, and most importantly, become an unforgettable memory from their time at school.

This would not be possible without the opportunity to work with so many great teachers and children across the country. The majority of what we do has come from real issues that have been found within the teaching profession and a real passion to make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience for all.