Medieval Takeover. 


This idea was successfully trialled in Sherwood Forest over October Half Term 2019. This image shows a medieval sword-fighting demonstration by Robin Hood and Friar Tuck.

Probably the most significant period in British history and a great way to engage your school in immersive learning.

Visit the hideout of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck. They seek refuge within your school and are willing to train your class to join them on their next adventure. Your class will be taught medieval fighting techniques and be immersed in one of the most excited and gruesome periods of history. Will your class be accepted in the most famous band of outlaws the world has ever seen?


Visit Robin’s hideout in your school hall or playground. The tent is fully equipped with weapons, tools and sometimes even food to help your class experience life in the medieval era.  


Use authentic model weapons such as the trebuchet or the bow and arrow to combine history and physics in an engaging and practical way.


Your new skills have now prepared you to start your new life as a medieval villager. Demonstrate these skills in challenges that will prove your newly acquired knowledge.

Authentic props and resources make this one of the most hands-on and practical packages we deliver in primary schools. Inventions such as chainmail and the trebuchet offer a great insight into the materials that were available at the time and how they were used to benefit society.

Expect sword fighting demonstrations, bean bags catapulting through the air and all the gruesome facts and details of this exciting time period.