Live Encounters.

These are our award-winning workshops run in primary schools across the country. They are all led by a central character ready to take your class through a day of cross-curricular and immersive activities, games and challenges. Whether your class want to form the defence at the trial of Robin Hood or prepare a body for an Egyptian burial, we have a Live Encounter to suit you.

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Stone Age


Heroes and Villains (Robin Hood)

Jedi Science Day

Tiny Green Planet

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Lord Byron

More added every month!

Every great story has three parts.

The character bursts into your classroom with a problem. This is also your class’ initial opportunity to ask questions to ignite their curiosity.


The character leads your class through a series of games and activities. A great chance for your class to get hands-on with the most creative portion of the day.


The character finishes the day with a big event. These are specifically designed to leave a lasting impression on your class and influence their learning for the rest of the term.

We hate to say goodbye!
We now send personalised follow-up videos a week after our visit. This is our way of encouraging creative, immersive learning after we’ve left. We can give an update of what the character has been doing since they left or we can even set new challenges for your class.