Children’s Books.

Many schools use a central book as their focus for the term. It’s a great opportunity to link many important subjects through one central theme. 

If done correctly, it can be a very effective and fun way to learn. However, it does require the whole class to follow the story at the same pace. We have started to tackle some of the greatest children’s books to start your new topic with a bang. 

Using role play and bespoke challenges, we can ensure that your class feel ready and prepared for the term. Meeting some of the characters and working practically on the text is our way of making your book topic more interactive, more immersive and therefore more engaging for everybody in your class.

Our favourite books include:

– Kensuke’s Kingdom

– War Horse

– The Gruffalo

– Macbeth

– Lost and Found

– Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

– The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

– The BFG

– Traction Man

– Gangsta Granny