We Need to Talk.

Summer 2019

Bloop is a video series created to encourage discussions about global and personal issues in the classroom. The first six videos were released on our social media pages and will be available to download to show in assemblies and PSHE lessons very soon. The first six episodes include issues such as self-esteem, climate change and grief.

School Takeover!

New for 2020! Live Encounters for the whole school. Following the success of our award-winning Live Encounters series, we have made them bigger so every class can experience it.

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Back to College

Tom returns to his old college to speak to students about teaching opportunities and career options once they’ve finished their A Levels.

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World Book Day 2019

WBD is always a highlight of the school year. It’s your chance to get your class excited about reading. Many schools and parents are restricted by budgets as the prices of children’s books seem to be increasing.

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The REAL School of Rock

A school in Bradford, UK has recently performed one of the biggest U-turns in primary school history by coming from a state of ‘Special Measures’ and into a the top half of performing schools in Britain. How? An extra six hours a week of music for every child. 

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Robotic Teaching

The national curriculum has been updated – but not enough. There, we said it. Whilst technology is being advanced constantly, our education system hasn’t changed that much since Queen Victoria was on the throne.

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Turn Your Classroom Into Hogwarts?

As a child I loved reading, Roald Dahl or otherwise, and this has led me to where I am today – about to start a PhD in English Literature at the University of Nottingham. But it all stemmed from being read to and reading at home, and in school.

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2018 was a huge year for Blue Kazoo. We have had the pleasure of working with lots of talented and enthusiastic teachers and pupils. We launched our Tiny Green Planet project in a handful of schools across Nottinghamshire and even ventured into Yorkshire for a few days with Robin Hood. 2019 looks to be even more exciting as we release Series 1 of Bloop in July and our new Jedi day in March. We have even welcomed two new members to the team: Matt our new video production manager and Adam our resident writer. They have proven themselves to be great additions to the team and we already have lots of fun new projects to launch in primary schools this year.

Schools visited in 2018

Tiny Green Planet proved to be a success in schools across Nottinghamshire. The aim of the project was to engage children in a conversation about conservation. Classes were encouraged to think about the impact they have on the world and were asked what they would change if they could design their own planet. The project was such a success in one school that we actually left the planet with them for an extra week because the children had so many brilliant ideas!